Frank L. Smith III

Political Science. Technology. International Security.

CISS6022: Cybersecurity

The digital revolution has created new frontiers of information that penetrate and influence countless aspects of modern life. As with any social and technical revolution, such change brings with it new opportunities but also new challenges – some of which may threaten critical infrastructure that now depends on this increasingly pervasive technology. What are the major threats to security in cyberspace? Why are software, hardware, and the networks that connect them vulnerable to attack? How do different methods of attack relate to different motives for malicious action? What can state and non-state actors do to defend themselves? And, given the costs and benefits involved, how should the Internet therefore be governed? Drawing on a unique combination of expertise from the Centre for International Security Studies and the School of Information Technologies, this unit introduces students to key technical and political concepts that are necessary to answer these important questions.

Syllabus is available here.