Frank L. Smith III

Political Science. Technology. International Security.

GOVT 2617: Introduction to Non-Traditional Security

Thucydides on disease during the Peloponnesian War.

Thucydides on disease during the Peloponnesian War.

While war remains a central issue in international security, it is certainly not the only threat to survival, nor is peace synonymous with security. This unit introduces students to a wide variety of non-traditional security (NTS) challenges, along with different perspectives and policies regarding threats other than war. How does NTS relate to war and peace, for example, and what dangers are most threatening? When does conflict over scarce resources – food, water, energy, healthcare, etc. – affect survival? And what can be done about new or emerging threats, like climate change and cyber attack? Considering these and other questions through weekly lectures, tutorial discussions, group exercises, and other tasks, students will tackle some of the greatest security challenges facing the world today.

Syllabus is available here.